Book Design

Traditional and Digital Illustrations

I have had the pleasure of doing illustrations for various published books over the years. These have been fantasy children's books, educational books, and also for health and safety manuals. 


These include front covers, inside illustrations, or wrap-around front and back covers. Book designs featured are in traditional and digital media.

I am an experienced illustrator with watercolor, pencil, pen, and ink designs. 

I work digitally using Adobe Photoshop and Fresco which can be converted easily to PDF. 

I also offer editorial book services where I can take your text and turn it into a whole book! This includes the illustration of the front and back cover, inside illustrations, title, and text placement, page numbering, header and footer illustrations, bar code production, blurb and finally book printing. Take all of the hard work out of producing your book!

Blatherington Hall Book Cover.jpg