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Artist & Illustrator

Nicola Jayne Kulesza

My Story

About me

From the moment I could grasp a paintbrush I have been painting. My love for art and the natural world has been my passion my whole life.

Over the years the beauty of nature and my own imagination have inspired me to create beautiful artwork to inspire others.
Later on, I started to create art for others, helping them to bring their own characters and stories to life. ​Watching the reaction of elation when a client receives their artwork is always a pleasure, and has inspired me to always learn new techniques.

Working as a commercial illustrator has led me to design artwork and imagery that I never would have done in my own spare time! From logo design to promotional materials for mouse musicals, health and safety illustrations for work manuals, murals for nursery and dive shops, and even tattoo design! I love when a client comes to me with something new and interesting I have not done before.
I am currently Derbyshire-based but grew up in Nottingham, and lived in Scotland for many years too. I can work remotely with any illustration work.  
Feel free to contact me for any illustrative or commercial art projects you may have. 

Nicola x


Get in Touch /  Tel. +44 (0) 7875892474

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