Book Illustrations

I have had the pleasure of illustating various published books over the years. The below include front covers, inside pen designs or wrap around front and back covers. Book designs featured are in traditional and digital media.

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Educational Material

One of my most recent illustration projects has been producing artwork for NGO 'Bats Without Borders'. Their aim is to re-educate local communities in South Africa about native bats. I have been illustating a number of 'PR' bats for education packs for children's books, teaching them how to ID local bats and gain an interest in conserving them. These illustrations are produced digitally. 

Wildlife Art

I am incredibly passionate about wildlife, and my artwork is often inspired by the natural world. Signed prints are available upon request.

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Fiction Art

The world of fiction is always one of intrigue, and one that has always inspired me from a young age. Click on the pictures to see a larger version and find out more.   Some artwork here has been traditionally painted in watercolour, others painted digitally in Adobe Photoshop. 




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